Policies and additional Information

Below you will find links to our policies, inspection reports and additional statutory information. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

Essex County Council is the local authority responsible for the St Aubyn Centre Therapeutic Education Department.

If you need to speak to Chair of the Management Committee, please contact the School Business Manager on 01206 334685


Charging and Remissions Policy – not applicable

Exclusions Policy – not applicable

Uniform Policy – Not applicable

Please contact the Admin Office on 01206 334685 if you require paper copies of policies.

COVID Catch Up & Recovery Funding

Our allocation of funding is based on the number of students we have.  For the academic year 2022/23 we received £4,363 and for 2021/22 we received £5,800 and for 2020/21 £6,720. We used the funding in the following way.

Individual and small group provision to support improved mental health.

This includes drumming workshops, aromatherapy and extra visits from the nurture dogs.

These are additional to our usual therapeutic provision and require paying outside providers.

Supporting young people to maintain contact with the community and their community schools.

Additional staff have been employed to support increased levels of staffing on off site trips, and provide flexibility for key teachers to support additional video calls with home schools.

Supporting young people after discharge from hospital

Additional staffing has allowed teachers to provide support for students who have been discharged. This has included providing online lessons and time for the engagement mentor to visit students and taken them out into the community. We have also funded online courses for students unable to attend mainstream colleges.

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is generally received retrospectively and is used to provide additional support for young people in most need. We are able to provide one to one support with a specialist member of the team who works with the young person to identify the most helpful next steps. The one to one support includes literacy and numeracy support, dance teaching, music sessions and a range of other targeted activities.

We did not receive any pupil premium in 2022-23, 2021-22 or 2020-21.

In 2019-20 £2,570 pupil premium was received and was used for music therapy and to provide 1:1 Learning Support.

2018-19 £4,186 pupil premium was received and was used to purchase equipment for the sensory room and to provide 1:1 Learning Support. Individual work helped the young person to settle in the classroom and reengage with learning.

OFSETD Inspection reports

Below you will find links to our three most recent OFSTED inspections. We have been rated as outstanding in the two most recent.

Short Inspection – May 2018 (Outstanding)

Full Inspection – November 2014 (Outstanding)

Full Inspection January 2012 (Good)

Financial Benchmarking

Below you will find a link to our DfE Financial Benchmarking profile. We currently do not have any employees earning a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.

Schools Financial Benchmarking – DfE


We do not have any vacancies. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the school office.