Easter Nests

On Thursday 24th March we were joined by our Chaplin to discuss the significance of Easter in Christianity. The relevance of Easter eggs were also considered, exploring new life in spring and family gatherings that often coincide with the long weekend. As part of the session, the young people on both Longview and Larkwood made Easter nests – shredded wheat crumbled and mixed with chocolate, spooned in to cupcake cases and decorated with chocolate eggs. 

Nurture Farm Fundraiser

4th March: Students from both wards made some cake and craft items and sold them to staff and visitors in the Longview classroom. The local nurture farm suffered significant damage to their donkey shed after the storm and students were keen to raise some money to put towards repairs. They raised over £100 in the end! Well done to all who took part.


In honour of Veganuary, Larkwood students had a go at making vegan brownies today. Here’s a sample of the cupcake version one student produced. We can confirm they were absolutely delicious!

Mark Making to Music

Yesterday afternoon, students from Larkwood ward used various materials to mark-make to music. They listened to a range of styles and chose colours and mediums to reflect their emotions. Below is a sample of some of their work.

‘Tea & Talk’ gathering for Mental Health Awareness Week

Longview and Larkwood wards joined together on The Street this morning to enjoy some homemade cakes (and tea!) to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week. Young people baked brownies (vegan and non-vegan) and a sponge cake to share with staff. Donations to the Mental Health Foundation were encouraged. We will update with grand totals in due course!

Below are some images captured at the event.