Snails and Indoor gardens

Busy planting indoor gardens and adding plants to the snail vivarium. As well as Herbert we also have 24 garden snails that we are looking after (and a woodlouse).

And then there was one…

One of our snails has gone to live in a unit in the north of the country but we still have Herbert. This photo makes him look like a giant – he’s not quite that big – his shell is currently about 12cm long.

Suicide Prevention Week

The Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (the trust which runs the St Aubyn Centre) has been part of the events organised this month to promote suicide prevention.

On Friday five members of the multi disciplinary team presented an hour long MSTeams meeting where we described some of the work we do in the unit.

The five speakers were:

Dr Rana Moharam – Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Dr Jennifer Scott – Clinical Psycholgist
Brian O’Donnell – Longview Ward Manager
Ciara Mitchell – Occupational Therapist
Steph Yates – Head of Education

You can watch a recording of the event by clicking the link here.