Working in Partnership

Exceptionally strong partnerships with other schools and colleges result in a wide range of benefits for students, the unit itself and other institutions.


Multi-disciplinary Working 

Partnerships with nursing, medical staff and therapists are exceptional.


The Education Department works closely with other disciplines at the centre. Education is part of the treatment for each young person. The Head of Education takes part in assessments, daily Multi-disciplinary meetings and weekly ward reviews with other members of the senior team. Key Teachers work closely with Key Workers (nurses) to ensure the Care Plan and IEP are complimentary. Key teachers attend the CPA Review meetings.

Links with Schools

The St Aubyn Centre Therapeutic Education Department has a significant relationship with the Gilberd School, a local comprehensive school. There are links between the Core subject leads and Foundation subject teachers and their counterparts in mainstream. The Head Teacher of the Gilberd serves on the St Aubyn Centre TED Management Committee. This provides a greater range of opportunities for physical activity for young people from The St Aubyn Centre.

The St Aubyn Centre TED has built up relationships with link staff in many schools and always seeks to work with link staff and schools for the benefit of the students in our care.

Educational Psychologist

The St Aubyn Centre TED has access to ECC Educational Psychologist, Jon Large.

Looked After Children/LA Virtual Schools

The Head of Education makes contact with the relevant local authority for all young people in care who are admitted to hospital at The St Aubyn Centre.

The key teacher works closely with the young person’s social worker throughout the time of admission and contributes to the Personal Education Plan and LAC review.

Copies of all reports are sent to the social worker and relevant virtual school when a looked after child is discharged.

The Head of Education is on the committee that organises the Annual Study Day for Teachers in CAMHS hospital settings nationally.

Similar Providers

The Head of Education is the Education Representative on the Royal College of Psychiatrists Quality Network for Inpatient CAMHS Advisory Group and leads the teachers’ days for QNIC.

The St Aubyn Centre TED has links with the providers of education in the community for those with mental health difficulties. These providers include North East Essex Alternative Provision School (NEEAPS), CSS South Essex, EOTAS Suffolk and private sector providers such as The Yellow House.

Organisations We Work With