Working Together

You will take part in planning your programme. Your mental health needs and learning needs will be taken into account when making the plan. It may be helpful for your mental health if you take part in creative or/and physical activities. Art and craft, cooking and music are often helpful as are relaxation, trampolining, wall climbing and cycling. Let us know if there are creative and physical activities that you know are helpful to you personally.

Your learning will depend on your age and past education. If you are at school/college your programme will be similar to that of your peers in school/college although you may not be able to cover all subjects due to the need to reduce pressure and to allow for therapy and medical appointments. We will include your favourite lessons and if there are subjects that worry you we will give you support to manage more successfully.

If you have left school you will have opportunities to increase your qualifications and to follow short courses in areas of personal interest.