What Next?

It is very important that young people who have spent time in hospital have positive plans for their future when they leave. The first step may be re-integration to school/college. If you were not attending school or college you will be given one to one support to make plans for your next step. We have an Engagement Mentor (previously Connexions) who will meet with you to discuss your thoughts on what you may wish to do. We will help you to apply for courses, apprenticeships or jobs and will accompany you to appointments if appropriate. If it seems that having someone to help with these things after your discharge we may ask you if you are willing to be referred to the Targeted Youth Team. You are welcome to contact us post-discharge to ask for help or to let us know how you are getting on.

“There is strong emphasis on preparing students for the future. The quality of advice and guidance on future careers, university courses and the qualifications needed for these is excellent. Students’ views and interests are taken closely into account when advising them. The unit is very good at sourcing the right future placement, including finding appropriate apprenticeships. This helps students to see a future for themselves and, in turn, this has a positive impact on mental health.”
Ofsted 2014