“Students behave outstandingly well. The view, as expressed by one former student that ‘this place saved me’, is echoed by many others in the letters and notes they write when leaving. The unit is a place of safety for students, a haven where they can express their feelings and emotions without fear because they are listened to and understood.”
Ofsted 2014


“I like the school on the unit it’s a good environment”
Young person’s view QNIC 2013

If you are admitted to The St Aubyn Centre you will be provided with education on site. You will have an education programme suited to your individual needs. If you are at school, teachers at the school will be asked to provide work so that, when appropriate, you will be doing the work that your peers in school are doing. If you have not been attending school you will be supported to enable you to access a meaningful programme.

If you are due to be taking exams it is possible for them to be taken at The St Aubyn Centre. We are an examination centre and arrangements can be made to transfer entries from your school.

“The school is great!”
Young person’s view QNIC 2013

When possible the Head of Education will be part of the Multi-Disciplinary Assessment meeting with you and your parents/carers, which takes place within 72hrs of admission. This gives the opportunity for you and parents to share previous experiences of education and to give the contact names of professionals from the home school/college.