Management Committee

“The Head of Education provides inspirational leadership which is both insightful and uncompromising in its aspiration to elicit the absolute best out of staff and students.”
Ofsted 2014

The St Aubyn Centre Therapeutic Education Department has a fully delegated budget and has a Management Committee. Members of the committee make regular visits to the centre and provide challenge and support for the work of the department.


Jim Waterhouse Chairman
Gill Jackson Co-Head of Education
Steph Yates Co-Head of Education
Holly Turner Community member, Safeguarding
Linda Exley Community member, Finance
Jim English Staff representative
Angela Jennings Community member, Finance
Vacancy Community member
Sarah Dignasse Local Authority Representative, Vice Chair

“Members of the management committee are actively engaged in the unit’s work. They provide a very well balanced combination of encouraging support and challenge to leaders to make the unit even better.”
Ofsted 2014