What Happens

When possible the Head of Education is part of the Multi-Disciplinary Assessment meeting with the young person and their parents/carers, which takes place within 72hrs of admission. This gives the opportunity for the young person and parents to share previous experiences of education and to give the contact names of professionals from the home school/college.

The Key Teacher for the young person will contact the parents/carers within the two week assessment period in order to ensure that a working relationship is established and that parents’ views are taken into account when the Individual Education Plan (IEP) is set.

Permission is sought from the young person and/or their parents for the Head of Education to contact the home school/college. The contact person at the school is asked whether the school had concerns about the student, about the student’s prior achievements and for work for the student to complete whilst in hospital.

Copies of the full Education reports for CPA Review are given to the young person, their parents/carers, the home school link person and CAMHS Care Co-ordinator. Discussion on progress in Education takes place within the CPA Review. Further discussion following the meeting is welcomed if parents/carers wish to take this opportunity. Informal discussion on progress may take place between meetings.

The Head of Education and members of the Education Department welcome contact with parents/carers. This contact can be in person, by telephone or by email.

” The Education Centre has received national recognition for best practice in working with parents. Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the work of the education centre.”
Ofsted 2018