Quotes from Parents/Carers

On what was most useful: “Committed staff to help patients get the right information on courses/college when discharged.”

(21 Mar 15)


On what was most useful: “Useful doesn’t cover it – inspirational work with [young person] – seeing who she is, encouraging her , supporting, holding, guiding, appreciating her abilities and her desire to learn, even when she was very unwell.”


“Thanks for the dedicated work of your team. Thanks for the Functional Skills 1+2 and the GCSE Eng+Maths teaching and for your continued availability to [young person]. Thnks for the art and helping [her] to get into college and for supporting her there. Thanks.”

(17 Mar 15)


“It really is difficult to express just how extraordinary the provision of education has been. Thank you so much!”

(6 Feb 15)


“You did a fantastic job and realised difficulties where mainstream hadn’t.”

(30 Jan 15)